Welcome to Portolan Global

Portolan Global gives you:

 ➤ Strategic advice on navigating the interface of government policy and industry interests

 ➤ Business planning perspectives with strategic priorities, performance, risk

 ➤ A global diplomatic perspective – with focus on governance and international STEM organizations

 ➤ Advice on governance issues, including interaction with Boards and Directors

 ➤ Communication and advocacy approaches for various stakeholders: government (federal and provincial); industry associations; public audiences

 ➤ Guidance on diversity and gender equality issues for energy companies

 ➤ Ways of finding consensus among competing interests

 ➤ Deeper understanding of what lies behind government policies and programs

 ➤ Identification of your Government Relations interests and how to promote them

 ➤ Knowledge of regulatory, legislative and political matters affecting your company

 ➤ Contact with the Canadian nuclear industry and its stakeholders

 ➤ Strong understanding of energy policy issues at federal and provincial levels

 ➤ Networking with professional associations and unions on energy and natural resources

“With his unique skills and experience – ambassador, public servant, industry association CEO, academic – John Barrett has given vision and leadership to Canada's nuclear industry.”

Fred Dermarkar, Pesident and CEO, CANDU Owners Group

"Dr. Barrett brings a strategic view to industry advocacy, based on extensive government, international and communications experience. It's his uniquely relevant perspectives that make his advice and guidance so effective."

Eddie Saab, President, Westinghouse Electric Canada

The President’s guarantee

➤ From a leader of a clean energy, high-tech STEM industry association – you will get insight into climate and energy policies, leading to reduction in policy risk 

➤ From a former industry association CEO – you will get governance and management advice

 ➤ From a member of the Institute for Corporate Directors – you will get knowledge of board and director requirements (ESG, oversight, diversity)

 ➤ From a former Chief Risk Officer at DFAIT and corporate planner – you will get alignment of strategic objectives, KPIs, actions and resources, risk mitigation, and messaging and advocacy

 ➤ From a senior industry executive responsible for strategy and government relations – you will get help in cracking into government policies and programs dealing with clean energy and advanced nuclear technology

 ➤ From an Ambassador of Canada and senior government official – you will get networks and experience working with multiple governments at multiple levels

➤ From a former senior NATO official, you will get clear line of sight for your company in navigating the confluence of national security, climate change, non-proliferation and economic opportunity

➤ From a speechwriter for years at the top – you and your company will look and sound good, accessible, compelling