Why do you need Portolan Global?

Too often the contribution of those working in STEM industries goes unheralded and under-appreciated by governments and publics. Despite greater attention paid by economists, educators and politicians, getting focused support is not as simple as it may seem. The way ahead is hard going, often beset with crosswinds. Progress is patchy. Among the reasons why this is so is that companies find it difficult to: 
  ➤ Formulate a compelling “ask” matching company interests with government need

➤ Understand and navigate the deep currents of politics and policymaking

➤ Get the ear of policymakers, be a trusted interlocutor

  ➤ Identify environmental, social and governance (ESG) issues

  ➤ Pitch the “ask” for different jurisdictions (international as well as national)

  ➤ Access government funding programs and submit successful applications

  ➤ Navigate new environment assessment criteria (e.g. Impact Assessment Act)

➤ Promote hybrid energy solutions, working with renewable energy proponents

➤ Develop a narrative for social acceptance of company activities and products